What Makes Yumi Return Compostable Tableware Different than other Disposables

The Yumi Return series of Compostable Plates, Cups, Bowls and other Disposable Tableware products represents a definitive green alternative to wasteful plastics. The Yumi Eco Store invites Eco-friendly consumers to enjoy their favorite dishes and drinks in an environmentally responsible fashion. Spearheading a green initiative to remove plastics, styrofoam and various other unnatural products from our dining rooms, Yumi Eco Solutions offers compostable dinnerware comprised of various earth enhancing properties. Made of a natural (Non GMO) plant starch, Yumi Return Compostable Plates, Cups and Bowls are the very definition of durability without the expense of a shortened shelf-life.

Compostable Plates, Cups, Bowls & Utensils - Earned Certifications

When Yumi Eco Solutions pledged itself to the restoration of mother earth, it was imperative for the brand to focus its attention on substituting plastics with a healthier alternative. Yumi Return Compostable Plates, Bowls, Cups and Cutlery are created using a patented process that utilizes starch and other organic materials. The production process of Yumi Return Compostable products requires far less energy to create and can be returned to the soil naturally within 180 days. Often referred to as 'the throw away that goes away', Yumi Return Disposable Dinnerware surpasses all of the requirements set forth by the American ASTM D6400 and the European EN13432 standard of biodegradability. The requirements needed to surpass these standards are deliberately stringent as they merit the production of materials designed for composting.

Durability Guaranteed & Microwavable Safe

The aspects of durability and an expanded shelf life remain a focal point for the entire Yumi Return series of Compostable Plates, Cups, Bowls and Utensils. Yumi Return Disposable Tableware has been proven to be microwave safe. Yumi Eco Solutions left no stone unturned when it came to validating the strength and safety of their products. Testing performed by an independent laboratory concluded that the Yumi Return series was completely safe for the purposes of cooking and reheating food in a microwave oven. This is just another example of how the Yumi brand differentiates itself from its competitors. A selection of other products utilizing plant starch quickly deteriorated when exposed to heat. The inherent durability instilled in the Yumi Return series allows consumers to enjoy their favorite beverages, soups and stews without worrying.

Created to Last with a Long Shelf Life

Yumi Disposable Dinnerware also features an elongated shelf life. The utilization of natural components in the packaging process assures a lengthy shelf life that can exceed multiple years. 'The throw away that goes away' displays all of the best attributes of product integrity and can be placed with the utmost of confidence on retail shelves. An increased shelf life will afford business and homeowners the luxury of stocking an environmentally sound alternative to harmful plastics without worrying about product deterioration or decay. It also reinforces the durable aspects implemented in Yumi's selection of Compostable Plates, Cups, Bowls and Cutlery. These earth-enhancing substitutes to wasteful plastics and paper were meant to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own choosing.

A Better World for You & Me - Yumi

It has been estimated that less than 10% of single use plastics such as cups, plates and bowls are recycled. Furthermore, nearly 8% of the world's oil supply is accountable for making single use plastics. These are frightening statistics that are further escalated with the information that nearly every piece of plastic ever produced still exists in some shape or form. It's a downward trend that inflicts serious damage upon the earth our loved ones and we ourselves inhabit. The careless trend of utilizing harmful plastics and paper in favor of Eco-friendly substitutes is something that we can ill afford. Yumi Eco Solutions has provided a solution with its collection of Yumi Return products. Enjoy your favorite dishes and beverages while preserving the integrity of our earth by shopping at the Yumi Eco Store.

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