Yumi Eco Earth Day Give Away Contest - Free to Enter!

In a collaborative effort to celebrate the significance of Earth Day, the Yumi Eco Store will be hosting its Yumi Eco Earth Give Away Contest. This contest is entirely exclusive to the Yumi Eco Store and will allow one participant to win a grand prize consisting of an assortment of Yumi Return and Yumi Bamboo products. The rules for entering this contest couldn't be any simpler as all eligible contestants are asked to provide their name, e-mail address and full mailing address in the designated form listed on the Official Contest Page. It should be noted that all participants must reside within the United States and be 18 years of age or older. This contest is effective immediately and will conclude at midnight CST on April 22, 2017. All qualified entrants may participate once per day. Any additional entries will be discarded and are void. The recipients of this prize will be disqualified from participating in any future contests held in the same calendar year.

Touted as 'the throw away that goes away', Yumi Return Disposable Dinnerware represents a premier selection as the perfect Eco Friendly alternative to wasteful plastics. The Yumi Eco Earth Give Away Contest will award one lucky participant a sizable selection of Yumi Return Compostable products that include: The innate flexibility of Yumi Return products allow them to be utilized in any number of indoor or outdoor settings such as birthdays, barbecues and picnics. Celebrate and preserve the earth by choosing the premier Eco Friendly Dinnerware solution to harmful plastics.

The grand prize recipient of the Yumi Eco Earth Give Away Contest will also be awarded a colorful selection of Yumi Bamboo Kitchenware products. Yumi Bamboo products combine the very best aspects of style and durability to deliver a one of a kind environmentally friendly alternative that's comprised entirely out of natural bamboo. The grand prize package will also include the following Green Dinnerware solutions found in the Yumi Bamboo collection: Incorporating the very best elements of intuitive and durable design, Yumi Nature+ Bamboo Dinnerware opens an absolute wealth of stylish and practical options for environmentally aware owners to explore when enjoying their favorite dishes.

The Yumi Eco Store invites eco conscious consumers to enjoy their favorite dishes and drinks in an environmentally responsible fashion. Spearheading a green initiative to remove plastics, stryrofoam and various other unnatural products from our dining rooms, Yumi Eco Solutions offers compostable dinnerware comprised of earth enhancing properties.

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