Celebrate Earth Day by Taking 40% off all Yumi Bamboo Products

The Yumi Eco Store has always prioritized the preservation of mother earth by releasing practical and stylish alternatives to the many harmful plastic and paper products currently being implemented. This global reliance on plastic tableware and paper plates/cups is indicative of a very dangerous trend that continually undermines any progress gained by an eco-conscious society. The near infinite amount of dangers associated with the widespread utilization of plastics isn't exclusive to the earth, but to all of its occupants as well. Here's a small example of the tremendously large problems plastics impose on a society striving for green solutions:

       Plastic products implement a collection of unnatural chemicals that are listed as 'hazardous' to the human body

       Scattered and floating plastic waste features a prolonged lifespan that can extend into a thousand plus years. This longevity can act as a vehicle for incapacitating the natural progress of a habitat.

       The very same chemical compounds that comprise plastics are also capable of harming or poisoning the wildlife upon consumption

       Landfills dedicated to amassing plastics are extending beyond their capacity. This often results in an exorbitant amount of plastics being buried deep within the surface and leading to the mass pollution of the earth's groundwater.

So long as plastics are relied upon in such a high demand, the list of hindrances associated with the earth's natural progression will continue to grow. Earth Day is usually reserved as a means of showcasing the natural rewards accompanying an eco-conscious lifestyle. It's a celebration that acknowledges just how significant the preservation of this earth truly is. To commemorate the significance of this landmark day, the Yumi Eco Store will be hosting the Yumi Eco Earth Day Deal. This is an online exclusive promotion that will allow customers to take an additional 40% off the Yumi Store's catalogue of natural bamboo products.



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Yumi Nature+ Bamboo

Yumi Nature+ Bamboo Kitchenware Products combine the very best aspects of style and durability to deliver a one of a kind environmentally friendly alternative that's comprised entirely out of natural bamboo. Yumi Nature+ Bamboo Kitchenware products include Earth Friendly Plates, Stackable Bowls, Serving Trays, Ice Cream Scoops, Salad Servers and a host of other Green Dinnerware solutions that are ideal for any home, office or casual restaurant setting. Incorporating the very best elements of intuitive and durable design, Yumi Nature+ Bamboo Dinnerware opens an absolute wealth of stylish and practical options for environmentally aware owners to explore when enjoying their favorite dishes. Devoid of any melamine or petroleum, Yumi Nature+ Kitchen Environmentally Friendly Dinnerware is constructed of a durable and light bamboo that makes them dishwater safe.

Yumi Earth Day Giveaway

The Yumi Earth Day Deal is a limited time offer that will expire on April 24th, 2017. The Yumi Eco Store will also be showcasing its Yumi Earth Day Giveaway. The Yumi Earth Day Giveaway is open to all eligible participants and includes a Yumi Eco-Friendly Prize Package (MSRP: $333.51). This prize package consists of an assortment of Yumi Nature+ Bamboo and Yumi Return products. This is another time sensitive offer that will expire on April 22nd, 2017. When it comes to celebrating Earth Day and substituting harmful plastics with green solutions, the Yumi Eco Store has much and more to offer to the eco-savvy consumer.

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