Celebrate Responsibly with Eco Friendly Dinnerware and Tableware At Your Next Party Or Event

The Yumi Return series is comprised of Compostable Plates, Bowls, Cups and Cutlery. Showcased as "the throw away that goes away", Yumi Return Disposable Tableware is an environmentally friendly substitute to the many harmful plastics currently being utilized in the party setting. The Yumi Bamboo series of Biodegradable Stackable Bowls, Serving Trays, Ice Cream Scoops and Salad Servers are also available and display tremendous design and durability by incorporating 100% natural bamboo fiber. Regardless of whether you're celebrating a birthday/wedding or simply looking to prepare for the summer's next great barbecue or picnic, you'll find no shortage of earth friendly dinnerware to select from at the Yumi Eco Store.

Knowing the Environmental Risks of Paper & Plastics

The introduction of any party like setting opens a wealth of physically and environmentally disastrous scenarios. It creates an opportunity for attendees to rely on chemically constructed paper plates and wasteful plastic cups/cutlery. The actual amount of damage that these products have on the individual and the environment is staggering. Disposable Dinnerware such as Styrofoam plates/cups incorporates a hazardous chemical called styrene. The Environmental Protection Agency has connected styrene to leukemia, lymphoma and various other forms of cancer. Polystyrene is another unnaturally produced substance that can be found in products such as disposable food containers and dinnerware. Not only does the development process of polystyrene pollute the surrounding air, it creates absolute mayhem by accumulating in landfills for years on end. Incorporating disposable dinnerware at a party that contains either of these two substances is simply too great a risk for loved ones and the environment as a whole.

Yumi Return Disposable Tableware (Plates, Bowls, Cups, Flatware)

Yumi Return's selection of Eco Friendly Tableware lends itself as the premier green replacement for paper and plastics. Serve your guests their favorite dish with Yumi Return 7 Inch Compostable Plates. This selection of Biodegradable Plates is comprised of natural, non-GMO plant starch. They're also incredibly light to the touch and are completely microwave safe. Propose a toast with Yumi Return 12 oz. Compostable Cups. Showcasing Renewable, Compostable, Biodegradable and Sustainable properties, the entire catalogue of Yumi Return Dinnerware is an environmentally sound and practical choice for any social gathering.

Yumi Bamboo Stylish All Natural Dinnerware (Bamboo Plates, Bowls, Serving Trays)

Combining the very best aspects of style and durability, Yumi Bamboo Kitchenware is a one of a kind eco friendly alternative that's made entirely out of natural bamboo. Yumi Bamboo's selection of Biodegradable Dinnerware permeates style and is a welcomed addition for any formal event such as a wedding or birthday party. The Yumi Art+ Amore 6 Piece Sculpture Stackable Bamboo Bowl Set is an excellent example of the ingenuity and attention to detail that can be found in the Yumi Bamboo line. Servicing as both a stylish vase and a collection of six bowls, the Yumi Amore Sculpture Stackable Bamboo Set features a self storage system that allows the bowls to create a fluid vase shape when stacked atop one another. The Yumi Nature Natural Bamboo Serving Tray with 6 Teardrop Dishes is another wonderful addition that will open a wealth of options for owners to explore when showcasing their favorite dishes.

When it comes to celebrating and preserving our surroundings in the most responsible fashion, you can readily rely on the Yumi Eco Store. Showcasing an extended selection of earth friendly Kitchenware and Dinnerware, the Yumi Eco Store has everything you need to prepare for your next party. Yumi Return Bulk Packs have also been made available and are an excellent means of acquiring Return products for restaurants, cafes, catering services and various other businesses.

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