The Yumi Return Difference - The Throw Away That Goes Away

The Yumi Return selection of Compostable Cutlery is pillared around the central ideas of establishing a "greener" and altogether healthier earth. By substituting plastics detrimental to the earth's health with eco-friendly tableware that's naturally produced, Yumi's catalogue of Compostable Cutlery can be instrumental in the restoration process of our planet. Showcased as "the throw away that goes away", Yumi Return Disposable Tableware displays all of the "green" attributes one would associate with a premier replacement for plastics. Yumi's collection of Compostable Plates, Compostable Cups and Compostable Cutlery includes biodegradable, compostable, renewable and sustainable properties. The entirety of the Return series of Compostable Products is comprised of natural (Non GMO) plant starch, natural polyesters, food safe colors and other biodegradable ingredients. Intuitively designed and meticulously crafted with a series of eco-friendly features, Yumi Return Compostable Cutlery represents the premier "green" alternative to harmful plastics.

Yumi Compostable Plates and Compostable Cutlery incorporate a wealth of eco-friendly components that greatly distinguish the series as an elite selection for the eco conscious buyer. The entire series of Yumi Compostable Products that includes: Compostable Plates, Compostable Cups and Compostable Cutlery is created from a natural (non)-GMO plant starch. This translates to each and every Yumi Compostable Product incorporating a renewable source of energy. Renewable energy is usually described as an energy that is gathered from natural resources. The addition of compostable properties allows Yumi Return Compostable Dinnerware to turn into bio material within six months of industrial composting.

Yumi Return All Natural - Biodegradable Starch TableWare Products

Yumi Return Products are also completely biodegradable. By implementing biodegradable properties, Yumi Return Compostable Dinnerware can swiftly break down and return to the earth. Most plastics choose not to incorporate a biodegradable design. The result allows for an abundance of harmful plastics polluting the earth for decades on end. Comprised from annual crops, Yumi Return Products are also sustainable and never deplete natural sources, thus bolstering the eco-friendly properties inherit to the Yumi brand. Flexibility and durability have also been addressed with the inclusion of heat-safe properties. Yumi Return Products are microwave safe and include sauce/grease resistance and crack/cut resistance.

By incorporating a large selection of "green" properties into the Yumi Return Compostable Products line, Yumi EcoSolutions has created the definitive eco-friendly solution to harmful plastics. There is no "Planet B". Whether you're hosting an outdoor event or simply prepping a meal for yourself, choose the smart option. Choose Yumi Return Compostable Products and enjoy all of your favorite dishes with the comfort of knowing that you're contributing to the healing process of planet earth.

Yumi Return Natural Starch Table Ware

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