Yumi Bamboo - The 100% Natural Bamboo Solution to Kitchen and Dinnerware

Coinciding with its goal to preserve the earth by offering Compostable Tableware found in the Yumi Return series, Yumi EcoSolutions has further bolstered its resolve by releasing the Yumi Bamboo collection. The Earth Friendly Yumi Bamboo line showcases innovative design, premier style and overall durability in a series celebrated for its use of 100% natural bamboo fiber. The Yumi Bamboo selection is sprawling with "green" dinnerware. The Yumi Bamboo line consists of Yumi Kitchen and Eco Friendly Dinnerware that includes: Salad Bowls, Serving Bowls, Wine Party Plates and a host of other Earth Friendly options. Yumi EcoSolutions has also elected to utilize a combination of natural and clean ingredients to create its Yumi Bamboo series. The entirety of the Yumi Bamboo collection is absent of any melamine or petroleum.

Environmentally Friendly Yumi Bamboo Dinnerware combine the very best aspects of style and durability to deliver a one of a kind "green" experience that's comprised entirely out of natural bamboo. Not only does the Yumi Bamboo series excel as the definitive "green" tableware series to replacing plastics found in the kitchen, it's also incredibly resilient and aesthetically charming. An increase in durability has allowed the entire catalogue of Yumi Bamboo products to be labeled as dishwasher safe. Available in a series of vibrant colors, Yumi Bamboo products such as the Yumi Nature Natural Bamboo Salad Bowl with Cover and Yumi Nature Natural Bamboo Salad Servers can be paired together or stand completely on their own. When it comes to outfitting the kitchen with a series of Earth Friendly Tableware that exude performance and style, there's simply no shortage of viable options to choose from in the Yumi Bamboo series.
Yumi Bamboo - eco friendly bowls, plates dinner ware
Yumi Bamboo - eco friendly kitchen ware
Yumi EcoSolutions has also added a selection of multipurpose products that can be implemented in any number of settings. The release of the Yumi Art Amore 6 Piece Sculpture Stackable Bamboo Bowl Set is an excellent example of the ingenuity and attention to detail that can be found in the Yumi Bamboo line. Servicing as both a stylish vase and a collection of six bowls, the Yumi Amore Sculpture Stackable Bamboo Set features a self storage system that allows the bowls to create a fluid vase shape when stacked atop one another. The Yumi Nature Natural Bamboo Serving Tray with 6 Teardrop Dishes is another wonderful addition that will open a wealth of options for owners to explore when showcasing their favorite dishes. This set includes six removable teardrop pieces that can be used individually or stacked into a larger serving tray.

Steadfast in its commitment to preserve this earth, Yumi EcoSolutions has released both the Yumi Return and Yumi Bamboo collections. The Yumi Bamboo series represents the definitive "green" alternative for owners searching to replace wasteful plastics with a durable and melamine free solution.

Yumi Bamboo Environmentally Friendly Dinnerware

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